Friday, July 30, 2010

Adams Street, Quincy

Our story begins Wednesday night. I was on my way to band practice with Truman Highway, and while en-route we stopped at the 7Eleven on Adams St, in Quincy. Now, I've never been in this store before and so, as always, my first instinct is to scope out just how clean and kept up the store seems to be. This particular store was very well cared for, even the outside of the store seemed in excellent condition. Always a good sign for Slurpees! The most interesting thing about this store; it's one of the few I've been to that doesn't enforce a dress code on its employees. I always like that because it means happier workers who don't hate their lives... as much. This store was also (at the particular time of day) fully staffed by attractive girls with an "edgier" clothing style. Another point...

However when I arrived at the main attraction I was shocked to find that only machine chamber not functioning was the Coca Cola! Scandal! After much disappointment I was forced to choose cherry (not particularly my favorite due to the unpleasant tartness that occurs when it is drunk for too long). But that being the only complaint, I can't fault the store too much. Hopefully Coke will be available next week!

So in terms of zero to brain freeze, I give this location full marks (Full on heart stopping, eye crushing, head pounding brain freeze!). So if you're in the Quincy area stop by for yourself. And tell them Mark sent you (they won't know what you're talking about)!


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