Saturday, July 17, 2010

Copley Square, Boston

I wanted to start this blog out on a positive note, so the first store I'll review is my personal favorite. This is a hidden gem of 7-Elevens. On the outside it doesn't look like much. It could definitely use a coat of paint, and maybe a new sign, and of course being in the middle of Boston's Copley Sq. homeless people begging for change outside it's door is a permanent addition. However this hidden oasis has the best kept Slurpee machine I have seen in the entire city. All chambers are always working, and it carries great flavors (including Coca Cola and Mountain Dew, my favorites). The rest of the store is very well kept, and the staff are quick and friendly. On a good day, I'll make two or three visits to this particular store (but that's me). Definitely worth the time of a true Slurpee aficionado.

On a level of slight chill to full on brain freeze, I give this store top marks!


1 comment:

  1. The staff is pretty quick and won't give you any trouble. I do agree that the place is decently kept up. And if you're turned off by the homeless, you can just ignore them (25 cents will satisfy them, though).
    If you like small talk with the employees you won't really find it there. There's usually a line of people behind you waiting to get their stuff rung up. The place can also get quite cramped in there sometimes because of the narrow, short aisles (it's not a big place).
    If I knew the difference between a sub-par Slurpee and an excellent one, I would definitely review the ones they offer. Nevertheless, I'll leave the Slurpee reviews up to you. As for the place, it's worth going to if you need a quick fix and are in the area.